Footage from video production using After Effects and Premiere Pro.

This is a video promoting the December issue of Auto Trend magazine. Scenario planning, artwork production, typography, video collection and editing, music editing, etc. were created using Premiere Pro. In addition, to enhance professionalism, we created a script and collaborated with professional voice actors.

Famous quotes were expressed in the video. I added fun to the video by adding appropriate background music and sound effects along with the saying. All artwork was created through Illustrator, and background music and effects were completed through After Effects.
Seasons Greetings #1

This is a short video for Seasons Greetings. All artwork was created in Illustrator, and scene transitions, background music, and many effects were created through After Effects. Appropriate sound effects were added to the movements to make the video more interesting.
Seasons Greetings #2

Based on short phrases about interesting facts, we made it into a video that is easy for users to understand. I used illustrator to create infographics and design elements, and the video was produced with Premiere Pro.


This is a promo teaser that uses kinetic type (animated) and “vector” style graphic elements to animate the opening theme songs.
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