The objective of this project is to design a custom craft beer label for a fictitious Ontario brewing company for the beer. Direct mail to create an overall brand image and promote sales is included. The first project is a package design for a microbrewery in Ontario. I gave each label a unique, easy-to-remember name, and created a design combining the moon to evoke. It is reminiscent of the name of the brand and is easily recognizable by the public. 
The brand logo is exposed on the neck label, cap, and back design so that the public can recognize the brand naturally. In particular, by dividing the information into sections on the back of the label, it is easy for the public to understand the beer, and it is easy to stand out from the public because of its high saturation and visibility.
The second project is direct mail that an environmental campaign and donation advertisement hosted and sponsored by Full Moon Brewery.

The direct mail pieces use recycled paper. I used a bottle-shaped die-cut and multiple layers to create a pull effect to keep people interested. 

 On the front page, the typography was placed in a balanced way so that the title and description could be seen at a glance. On the back, there is a call-to-action to see detailed ad details and information about the host, Full Moon Brewery, and hashtags are clearly included so that people can participate easily.

This is an example video showing the pull effect.

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