I was asked to create a campaign and three responsive web designs (desktop, tablet, and phone) for the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA), a non-profit organization (NPO). UTRCA wants to increase funding and awareness of the reserve’s accessible docks and ability to rent canoes and kayaks through this campaign.

I created an animated PSA to raise awareness and fundraise for accessible docks for the UTRCA.
For this, I first planned ideas and scenarios and created a storyboard. Then I created the illustrations and edited the natural transitions and movements using After Effects. I also hired voice actors to do the voice over for professionalism, and finished off the final piece with beautiful background music that resonated with the audience.

To raise this awareness, we have revamped our homepage. I developed colors and fonts that went well with their brand colors, and after additional feedback, I developed a wireframe and high-fidelity concept for the UTRCA website.
In addition, I showed the participation rate of the fund in a pop-up window and imprinted the awareness of the fund on the audience. I also included short video clips summarizing the information in an easy-to-understand manner and social media links to reach them easily. A link button for donations and a newsletter sign-up button were placed right next to it, encouraging the audience to participate. 
See Prototyping the mobile version of UTRCA's website.
I also created a social media posting ad, bus shelter, and billboard for UTRCA. As in the meaning of UTRCA’s statements, “Inspiring a healthy environment” I put a picture of healthy people enjoying canoeing/kayaking with safe protective equipment to give a positive message to the public, “Fund for health and happiness.”
In addition, by increasing the saturation of UTRCA’s logo color, was used to create a color that stood out and also gave unity. I came up with this copy "Help Us Creating Accessible Docks" as a strong tagline to deliver it short but clear to the public.

All advertisements gave a characteristic and soft impression by using a large curve on only one corner on a white background that gives a clean impression.
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